Updated: When it’s time for in-home care for seniors

  • December 16, 2020
    Updated: When it’s time for in-home care for seniors

    Your parents can live at home happily. However, they might require extra assistance or support to move around their home due to age or illnesses. 

    When this time comes, it is essential to know that they need reliable home care. This type of care allows seniors to remain in their home's comfort but still receive the care they need. 

    How do you know when it is time to get in-home care for a loved one? It is vital to keep an eye out for your aging loved ones to know when they might need extra assistance. Knowing the early signs can help prevent accidents and keep a senior healthy. 

    Here are some signs that may indicate your senior loved one needs home care in Omaha NE.

    Act and look different 

    One of the first signs that could indicate the need for home care is a change in physical appearance. When you visit them to see if they are keeping up their hygiene or if they have clean clothes. Other signs to look out for include sudden weight loss or gain. Not being able to keep up their hygiene could indicate that they might have cognitive decline diseases like dementia.

    Be sure to also look out for a change in a senior’s personality. Some changes in personality include mood swings and feelings of loneliness that could lead to depression. Also, things that used to bring them joy, including hobbies, family and friends may become uninteresting to them. All these signs indicate a need for home care in Omaha NE services.

    Struggling accomplishing everyday things

    As your parents start to age, they can lose their mobility or develop an illness that limits their daily performance. This could limit their ability to complete daily tasks like eat, cook or maintain their hygiene. When a senior loved one cannot do everyday tasks without additional help, it is time to get reliable home care for them. 

    This kind of senior care can assist them through their daily tasks. Trained caregivers assist seniors in maintaining a healthy diet, cook meals and helping feed them. For those who can no longer keep up with their hygiene on their own, caregivers can help by showering, bathing and grooming. 

    Frequent falls and accidents around the house

    Accidents are signs that an elderly person is at risk. It starts with difficulty in moving and sometimes may lead to a fall. This calls for urgent in-home care and changes to their living environment. As you look for senior in-home care near me, get rid of fall hazards, including clutter and stairs. Some common things that cause seniors to fall include: 

    • Slippery bathrooms 
    • Loss of vision
    • Certain medications
    • Clutter on floors 
    • Stairs 
    • Lack of lighting 

    Are you looking for home care in Omaha NE?

    Choose Akkase Home Health Care for all your in-home senior care needs. Our trained caregivers can ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable in their home. We have personal care services that include grooming, hygiene, mobility assistance and nutritional care.

    There are also in-home care companionship services that include meal preparation, transportation and light housekeeping. Contact us to set up a consultation.



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