When it’s time for in-home care for seniors

  • October 02, 2019
    When it’s time for in-home care for seniors

    People are happy living in their homes, especially during old-age. However, they may reach a point where they need extra support and therefore require the help of in home care Lincoln NE professionals. This helps them live independently and productively, regardless of their age. 

    There is no specific age as to when a person may need in home care Omaha NE caregivers. People age uniquely; some are as fit as a fiddle in their 80s while others need help in their late 50s. Below are some signs that may indicate help for the elderly living at home is needed for your loved one.

    Change in their personality and appearance

    The first sign is a change in the physical appearance of a senior family member. The most common include poor hygiene, sudden weight loss or gain and wearing dirty clothes. Poor hygiene can be a sign of a mental shift or dementia.

    A change in personality is also a red flag that they need some assistance. They may get mood swings due to loneliness, which leads to depression. Things that used to bring them joy, including hobbies, family, and friends may become uninteresting to them. All these signs indicate a need for in-home care services.

    Difficulties in performing daily tasks

    Did you notice the last time you visited your elderly family member or friend that their dishes were not done? Or did you notice that mail from the mailbox was never being picked up? These could be little signs that they might need assistance with daily tasks. 

    When a senior loved one cannot do daily tasks without additional help, it’s time to get in home care Lincoln NE services for them. This includes confusion and uncertainty when doing familiar tasks such as showering, preparing meals, or simple housekeeping jobs.

    Poor memory

    Another red flag that could indicate your parent or elderly loved one needs assistance, is a decreasing memory. We can all forget things here and there. However, when your elderly loved one constantly forgets things that’s a sign you should not ignore. 

    Some of the signs of poor memory include forgetting about important appointments, mail, or bills. Memory loss can also be an early sign of dementia and it will lead to increased confusion over time. To keep a person safe, extra help is needed at home.


    The last thing you want is for your elderly family member or friend to fall and break something.  Accidents are signs that an elderly person is at risk. It starts with difficulty in moving and sometimes may lead to a fall. This calls for urgent in home care Omaha NE services and changes to their living environment. As you look for senior in-home care near me, get rid of fall hazards, including clutter and stairs.

    While it is your duty to take care of your senior loved one, talk to them. Discuss your concerns and explain the benefits of home help for the elderly. It will make them feel empowered when they accept getting help is their choice. Set up a free consultation with Akkase Home Health Care in Omaha and Lincoln to learn all about our benefits. 



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