What is home care?

  • November 11, 2020
    What is home care?

    The month of November is National Home Care and Hospice Month. This whole month is dedicated to honoring all the caregivers working towards making a difference in a senior’s life. 

    Caregivers come in different roles, like home health aides, in-home caregivers to social workers. Their hard work helps improve the lives of many elders in our community and gives families peace of mind. 

    To celebrate this month, home care in Omaha experts want to give some insight into what home care is and the role caregivers play. 

    What is home care? 

    Home care is the professional care service that allows an individual who lives at home to receive assistance. This kind of service will enable people living at home to remain independent and receive any special assistance to manage an illness, disability or any particular need.  

    The different kinds of home care

    When it comes to home care, there are three main types that include personal care and companionship, private nursing care and home health care. 

    Personal care and companionship

    This type of home care assists with daily tasks like getting dressed, medication preparation, moving around and bathing. Personal care and companionship are also known as non-medical care, home health aide services and assistive care. 

    Private duty nursing care

    Private duty nursing care is long-term care that provides nursing services for patients who have an injury, disability or chronic illness.

    Home health care

    Unlike private duty nursing care, home health care is short-term care. This kind of care is designed to help a senior recover safely at home from an injury, illness or hospital stay. 

    The benefits of home care

    Allows seniors to age at home

    Aging can bring forth new fears and worries for seniors. One of those fears can be the fear of losing their independence. Home care is an ideal option for seniors who need assistance with daily tasks but do not want to leave their homes. 

    Caregivers assist seniors with daily tasks that they can no longer accomplish on their own. After a home care professional has assisted seniors with everything on their list, they leave. To ease the worry of seniors, sit down with them, and explain what is home care and how it will not take away their independence. 


    When compared to other types of senior care, home care is an affordable option. This type of care is charged by the hour. The cost of home care depends on how long the senior needs assistance. 

    The good news is that if your family needs assistance with paying for home care in Omaha, there are options available. Here is a list of financial options for families or seniors seeking this kind of care: 

    Gives families peace of mind

    The safety of your aging loved one is critical. Sometimes because of work, locations or a pandemic, being there for your aging parent is tough. That is where home care can assist you.

    Home care gives families the peace of mind that a senior will remain safe living at home. Caregivers can visit the elder daily to ensure that they take their medications, eat and stay clean. 

    Are you looking for home care in Omaha?

    Trust the home care professionals at Akkase Home Health Care. Our team is trained and certified to provide the best and safest care for an aging loved one. Schedule your consultation today!



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