5 ways to help seniors maintain their hygiene

  • June 03, 2020
    5 ways to help seniors maintain their hygiene

    From a very young age, we are taught how to maintain our hygiene. We are taught to wash our hands before meals, take showers and brush our teeth. As individuals age, these personal care tasks can become difficult. 

    Taking care of one's personal hygiene can become a struggle because of an illness or loss of mobility. Without proper hygiene care, seniors can get a skin infection or weak immune systems. Also, their confidence and self-esteem can start to deteriorate. 

    Hygiene tips for seniors

    To prevent any infections or decreased self-esteem, here are some hygiene tips for seniors to ensure a loved one is clean and healthy. 

    Sit down and talk with them

    A senior might not be as open to talking about their struggles they might be having bathing or with toilet needs. They might keep to themselves about these things because of their dignity. Having a serious discussion with your parents about their need for hygiene is essential. Ask them if they require personal health care services Lincoln NE and the importance of good hygiene. 

    Setting a routine 

    When seniors do not have a routine set, they can forget the things they need to accomplish. That is why the first step in helping a senior maintain their personal health is creating a routine. Start by getting them in the habit of brushing their teeth, hair and bathing when needed. They should bathe/shower at least once or twice a week. Over showering/bathing can dry a senior’s skin. 

    Store hygiene items within reach

    Does your loved one have a disability? Do they struggle to bend down? If they do, ensure that everything is accessible and within their reach. For example, instead of storing toilet paper rolls or toothbrushes in the lower cabinets, place these things within reach like on the countertop. By storing things within reach, they will more likely use those items in their everyday routine. 

    Make rooms accessible

    Bathrooms are an essential part of any home. Seniors need to be able to access it without any inconvenience. If bathrooms lack handles or enough space for wheelchair access, elders might not be able to use it. It is suggested that you install handles around any toilets and bath/shower to help seniors feel comfortable. Plus, it can prevent any accidents or falls from occurring when seniors are alone. 

    Hire an in-home caregiver

    To give you the peace of mind that your senior loved one is clean and healthy, hire an in-home caregiver. A caregiver can assist with grooming and personal care needs. From shaving to bathing, these professionals can ensure that a senior feels clean and safe without the risk of slipping or falling. Sometimes seniors might feel more comfortable getting assistance from a professional to bathe than a family member. 

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