Updated: How to choose a reliable home care provider

  • March 18, 2020
    Updated: How to choose a reliable home care provider

    There comes a time when you must help find care for a loved one who's getting older, needs help moving around or accomplishing everyday chores. 

    When it comes to choosing senior care, in-home Omaha senior care gives an elder the option to receive the assistance they need without leaving the comfort of their home. Plus, this kind of care is less expensive than nursing homes.

    The Omaha senior care professionals want to share the four things you should look at when choosing an in-home caregiver

    Look at its experience.

    A reliable home health provider needs to be highly experienced to provide quality care. Experienced care providers are equipped with the right skills and training to handle types of healthcare needs. They can act professionally and ensure the safety of your loved ones while you work or go to school. 

    It is advisable to go for an experienced home care provider to ensure your family member is receiving the optimal level of care they need. One great way to see an in-home care provider’s experience is through reviews. Check their social pages and see what kind of comments they receive from real clients. 

    Check to see what services they offer.

    Every senior needs different services. It’s important to take into account the needs of your senior loved one. During a consultation with an Omaha senior care professional, ask what their services include. Typically, there are two types of care services - personal care and companionship. 

    Personal care services help a senior take care of their personal hygiene, toileting and maintaining appearance. This kind of care is useful for any type of aging adult who has limited mobility, illness or is bed-bound. Some personal care services include: 

    • Grooming and hygiene

    • Mobility assistance 

    • Transferring and positioning 

    • Toileting and incontinence care 

    • Nutrition. 

    In-home companionship and care services assist elder in staying social, housekeeping or going from one location to another. It’s essential for a senior to have a clean home and have everything they need. Examples of in-home companionship are: 

    • Conversation and companionship

    • Meal preparation and grocery shopping 

    • Laundry and light housekeeping

    • Transportation 

    • Medication Reminders.

    Ask about their licenses and training. 

    You wouldn’t go to a doctor without the correct training. So why would trust a caregiver without the right training?  A reliable home health caregiver needs to be licensed and well trained. 

    In-home care providers should be licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services in your state. All their staff members should undergo a thorough vetting process that involves background checks, training and screening before hiring. This helps in maximizing the quality of life and functionality of your loved one.

    Ensure they support independence 

    Everyone, especially seniors, deserves to live independently and with dignity. As our loved ones start to age, it can become difficult for them to do everything on their own. Illness or mobility can limit their ability to do everyday things. 

    However, seniors still want to have some independence. You need a home care provider that encourages and fosters independent living for your loved one. Look for a caregiver that encourages patients to attain independence while receiving care from our employees. 

    Give your senior loved a reliable home health provider when you choose Akkase Home Health Care. Contact Akkase Home Health Care to set up a consultation. 



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