Four things that cause seniors to fall

  • September 02, 2020
    Four things that cause seniors to fall

    Aging changes the way your body looks, feels and moves. As your aging parents start to get older, they run the risk of getting injured more easily. These injuries can be serious, especially if your loved one lives alone. 

    The National Council for Aging states that one in four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year. Falls can occur when you least expect it like in the bedroom, bathroom or stairs. The best way to prevent falls from occurring is to learn what can cause these falls and hire reliable home care

    The home health care Lincoln NE team wants to share with you four of the most common causes of falls within seniors. 


    Stairs give homeowners the convenience to navigate between floors. As you start to age, stairs can become more challenging to navigate. Seniors have difficulty going up and down stairs if they have lost mobility, health issues or injuries. Due to these factors, the most common cause of falls for seniors is stairs

    If your parents have stairs that they have to navigate, make the stairs as safe as possible. The first step is removing anything at the top and bottom of the stairs. Remove any rugs, objects or shoes that could cause falls. The second step is to add light to those steps during both the day and night to avoid falls. Thirdly, ensure that handlebars are not loose. 


    A study shows that out of the number of seniors who fall each year, 80 percent of those falls occur in the bathroom. Falls are more likely to happen in the bathroom due to water spills on the tile surfaces. Slips in bathrooms are dangerous for seniors because they could hit a hard surface. 

    Keeping bathrooms dry and clean is one of the best ways to prevent falls. You or a home health care Lincoln NE professional can help keep bathrooms dry for seniors. Another safety option is installing grab bars around the shower/tub area and adding non-skid mats. 

    Vision loss

    A senior’s environment not only influences a senior’s risk of falling, but their vision does too. Seniors with visual impairments have a higher risk of falling. Their reduced vision makes it harder for them to detect hazards. 

    Making sure that rooms are well lit is one way to reduce falls. Low light areas are challenging to navigate when you have low vision. To reduce the risk of falls, consider removing rugs or taping them to the floors. Do not forget to take seniors to get regular eye exams


    Seniors with medical conditions or injuries have to take medication to keep up with their health. However, some drugs increase the risk of falls in seniors. Certain medications cause low blood pressure and dizziness. 

    If you or a reliable home care provider has noticed seniors losing balance with a specific medication, talk to their doctor. Ask if there are medication replacements they can take or if there is a certain way they should take that medication. 

    Do you need someone to watch your parents? 

    The home health care Lincoln NE professionals can ensure that your parents do not fall when you are not around. Our caregivers assist with everything from mobility assistance to grooming and hygiene. Contact Akkase Home Health Care to get started today. 



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