How to Protect Seniors From Falling

  • March 04, 2020
    How to Protect Seniors From Falling

    One of the biggest fears that any family has for their seniors living at home is the risk of them falling. The National Council on Aging states that one in four Americans 65 or older fall each year. 

    That means that your loved one living at home alone is at risk of falling and injuring themselves. The home care in Lincoln professionals wants to share some advice on how you can reduce the chances of your loved one falling at home. 

    Clear pathways

    Seniors may not have the flexibility to bend and move as everyone younger does. They are not capable of bending down and picking up clutter from the floor. Clothing, boxes or misplaced furniture is a safety hazard for elders. 

    Keep them from tripping over and falling by clearing clutter off the floors. Ensure that they have enough room to get from one place to another. Use containers to store clothing and push any furniture to the walls. 

    Make bathrooms non slip

    One of the most dangerous rooms for seniors is the bathroom. These rooms are filled with hard surfaces like bathtubs, toilets and cabinets that will not cushion a fall. If a loved one were to fall, they could get injured. 

    Protect your senior, loved one from a potential fall by installing handlebars throughout the bathroom. This will help a senior maintain their balance. It is suggested to have handlebars installed by the toilet, bathtub and shower. 

    Add enough light

    Not having enough lighting can put your aging parent or family member at risk of falling. Some seniors have low vision and cannot see well in small lit areas. They can run into a wall, table or even trip down the stairs. 

    Do not put your senior loved one at risk! Experts suggest that you install brighter light bulbs throughout the house. Replace all the broken light bulbs and add additional lights in stairways and hallways. 

    Encourage them to wear socks

    Maintaining balance is an important part to ensure your loved one doesn’t fall. Walking around their home in socks is probably not the safest kind of footwear in their home. 

    Socks can become even more dangerous if their home has hardwood, laminate or tile throughout. Encourage them to wear slippers, non-slip socks or shoes indoors.

    Hire a caregiver

    You never know when a fall might occur. The best way to prevent a fall is by letting someone take care of the tasks that put them at risk. There is no need to remove seniors from their homes to ensure their safety. 

    A home care in Lincoln caregiver can give them extra assistance without losing their independence. Caregivers can take care of dangerous tasks like housekeeping and assisting them in bathing. 

    Take the first step of keeping an aging loved one safe by getting the help of a home care in Lincoln caregiver. Contact Akkase Home Health Care to start your consultation and regain your ease of mind. 



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