What services do in home care providers offer?

  • August 07, 2019
    What services do in home care providers offer?

    If your friend or family member is getting older and struggling to take care of themselves, a little help from Omaha senior care can often be a better option than moving them to a facility. At home care providers will allow your relative to keep some of their own independence and stay in a place that feels comfortable to them, while still getting the care that will make their life a little bit easier. 

    You may wonder exactly what services you can expect from providers of home care. Some companies offer more services than others, but Omaha senior care services are consistent.  Here are some of the services traditionally offered by in home care providers. 


    It's important that your aging friend or relative gets the nutrients they need to stay healthy, especially if they are struggling with any chronic illnesses or injuries. Food preparation becomes increasingly difficult as we age. Home care providers will help them cook healthy recipes and make sure they have snacks on hand as well. They also will also go grocery shopping if needed! 


    It's also extremely important that seniors stay clean, but aging will sometimes cause them to lose the mobility they need to bathe on their own. In home care providers will help them bathe comfortably They also help them with other daily grooming tasks, such as;  brushing teeth and hair along with any other hygiene and grooming needs. 

    Monitor Medication

    Making sure medication is taken on a timely basis  is very important, especially as you get older. Home care providers help monitor medication by seeing first hand how the medicine is working, and can give feedback to close relatives in case something needs to be changed. They also remind them when to take their medicine, and any other assistance that is needed. 


    Cleaning the house can be strenuous even for younger people, and these tasks can be particularly overwhelming for elderly folks. Senior care providers will check in regularly and make sure the house is clean and comfortable for their patients. This includes big tasks like dishes, vacuuming, and taking out the trash, and  just helping the patient stay organized. They can also help with laundry, ensuring that their patient always has clean clothes in their closet. 


    For many older people, just having a little bit of company can make the days feel more exciting. In home care providers will often develop a positive relationship with their clients and even help them with the hobbies they enjoy. This sort of companionship is very beneficial for older people, and ensures that someone is there for them. They will also help their seniors maintain a level of independence that's safe for them. 


    Lastly, home care providers will help out with transportation, as some older people may have a tough time getting places. 

    If you, a friend or a family member are interested in in-home care, contact Akkase Home Health Care today! We are one of the best Omaha senior care providers, and focus on helping patients stay safe, independent and engaged. 



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