Signs of Alezhimer’s disease

  • July 31, 2019
    Signs of Alezhimer’s disease

    Has your parent or loved one frequently forgotten simple things? Instead of ignoring this problem, Omaha senior care professionals want to share some red flags that your loved one could be developing Alzheimer's disease. 

    What is Alezhimer’s?

    According to Mayo Clinic, Alzheimer's disease is when the brain cells of an individual start to die. As the brain cells start to die, it could lead to the development of dementia. A person who has dementia slowly loses their ability to think and do regularly social skills. 

    When a person who has severe Alzheimer's disease, they can lose their ability to do everyday tasks like getting dressed or remembering to eat. As of right now, there is no cure for alzheimer’s disease but being able to recognize the potential signs will help you prepare your loved one

    Alezhiemer’s disease symptoms 

    The one thing that Alzheimer's disease affects is your memory. That is the one sign that your loved one could be developing this disease. It can start slowly like forgetting where to find their everyday things. Over time they could begin to lose their memory on how to do everyday things. 

    Signs you loved one might have alzheimer's disease 

    If your loved one doesn’t live with you, it can be hard to spot the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. If you have noticed your loved one becoming consistently more forgetful,  you might want to get them some Omaha senior care. 

    They get lost. 

    Everyone gets lost at some point in their life. You could be going to a new restaurant that opened across town. Or, you might have moved to a brand new city, and you still struggle making your way to work. 

    Getting lost is a normal thing in life. But, when your loved one who has been living in the same location for more than 20 years gets lost going to the store, it can be a red flag. Beware if your loved one is getting lost at places they’ve always visited. 

    They can’t mulit-task. 

    Who hasn’t forgotten to add salt or pepper to their food when cooking? If you said no, you’re probably lying. It’s a common thing that people tend to forget in their everyday life. 

    However, if you’ve noticed your loved one is not able to follow a recipe that they always used, they might have a problem. An early sign that people with Alzheimer’s disease have is not being able to follow sequences. It can include following a recipe book or remembering how to pay their bills. 

    A change in their behavior. 

    Everyone has bad days where their frustrations could affect their behavior. But when you start to notice your loved one goes from jolly to depressed, it’s a warning sign. 

    Was your loved one once a sociable person and become antisocial and depressed. One early sign of Alzemieher’s disease is a change in behavior. Individuals can become depressed, have anxiety problems and mood changes. 

    Being able to notice these signs of Alzheimer's disease can help your loved one get the help they need like early treatment or Omaha senior care. Contact Akkase Home Health Care today to see how our trained caregivers can help take care of your loved one with early signs of Alzheimer's disease. 



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