What is in-home personal care?

  • May 22, 2019
    What is in-home personal care?

    Are you looking for an option that will help your elderly loved one without having them leave into a new environment? In-home personal care is the solution.  This kind of service provides the safety and comfort that an older adult could want. Here is why you should choose our  in-home care Omaha service.


    What is in-home personal care?

    In-home personal care is when a professional provides support to a person in their home that will help them live safely. This kind of service assists those who are elderly and need help living independently. If they suffer from health issues or disabilities, an in-home care Omaha caregiver can provide them with the care they need. There are short or long-term care depending on the patients’ needs.


    What services does in-home personal care provide?

    Every in-home care service provider is different. Depending on their size and location, they can provide services from reminding people to take medication to help them take a bath. At Akkase, our in-home care Omaha personal care services include:

    • Preparing meals

    • Assisting in feeding

    • Monitoring clients diets

    • Creating exercise programs

    • Assisting in bathing and dressing

    • Reminding clients to take medication

    • Assisting in morning and night routines

    • Providing transportation

    • Assisting at climbing stairs

    • Helping to get out of bed.

    • Providing supervision


    The benefits of in-home personal care


    Gives comfort

    There is no place like home, and that is exactly what in-home personal care provides. Having in-home personal care gives your loved ones comfort of being at home. They will be able to enjoy everything their home already offers. There will be no need to leave their comfort zone to get the proper care they need.


    Gives them independence.

    In-home personal care also provides that much-needed independence that the elderly desire. There are no schedules that they need to follow because they are the comfort of their home. They will be able to do what they want when they want. Help will always arrive when they need it.


    Allows them to socialize.


    Unlike in a nursing home, they will be to create a bond with their caregiver. There are no rotations like in nursing homes. Getting the same caregiver can be of great assistance for those individuals that suffer from memory problems like dementia.


    For the best in-home care Omaha, contact Akkase Home Health Care. We provide a full range of assistance.



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