Why should you keep your loved one at home?

  • September 09, 2020
    Why should you keep your loved one at home?

    When parents age, many people assume they should be admitted to an elderly home facility to receive care. However, no one said your loved ones have to leave home to receive optimal care.

    Research shows that elderly individuals that stay at home have a better quality of life and are generally happier. Luckily, with in-home care services, you can enjoy the companionship of your aged parents while ensuring they receive the assistance they need. 

    The home care services Omaha team is here to share some of the reasons why you should let your loved one stay at home.

    Home is where the heart is

    Your aging parents feel most comfortable and happy at home because loved ones surround them, and they have lived there for a better part of their youth. This makes your home a familiar environment where they can age peacefully.

    They are also attached to your home emotionally since they're in a community where they know grocery stores, neighbors and shopkeepers. Keeping them in such an environment ensures their emotional well-being is not compromised.

    At times, senior parents can experience depression and isolation due to the loss of a partner and loss of independence. However, when they stay at home, these experiences are less likely to occur since your loved ones are surrounded by people they cherish.

    One-on-one personal care

    In retirement homes, it is hard for your loved one to receive one-on-one care since many senior individuals also have needs. On the other hand, in-home care ensures your senior parent receives optimal care throughout the day.

    Home care services Omaha caregivers can give seniors personal care. This means that seniors with limited mobility or illnesses can get the care that fits their needs and attention. Seniors would not have to wait to receive the attention they need to bathe, walk or drive to an appointment. 

    For example, a caregiver can perform the following duties;

    • Grooming, bathing, and dressing

    • Running errands

    • Companionship

    • Exercise

    • Transportation to see friends and medical appointments

    • Cooking

    • Laundry and light housekeeping

    • Entertainment

    Affordable senior care services

    When the time comes to searching for senior care, it is important to find a service that does not break the bank. Nursing facilities can be expensive and do not offer the convenience seniors need. In-home care is a smart and affordable option to consider. 

    This kind of service is less expensive than a traditional nursing home. A caregiver can come in certain hours and days when your senior loved one needs. Plus, some in-home care services are Medicaid Certified for the Waiver Program to make it more affordable. 

    Hire the best home care services Omaha

    At Akkase Home Health Care, we provide home help for the elderly through our team of experienced and professional caregivers. We provide both personal care and in-home care companionship services. Plus, we are Medicaid Certified for the Waiver Program. Contact us today to find the right caregiver for your loved one.



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