What to do when your elderly parent refuses home care

  • November 18, 2020
    What to do when your elderly parent refuses home care

    As parents age, they struggle to take care of their health and environment. Chores like doing the dishes, bathing or taking the dog out become difficult to accomplish. Any of these concerns could show that your loved one needs home care services in Omaha.

    Unfortunately, many senior loved ones refuse help because they do not want to lose their independence. When you bring up the topic of a caregiver, your parents may bluntly say no and become extremely stubborn.

    At times, they become agitated when the topic is brought up and can throw tantrums. However, as much as you may want to look after your elderly parents, it can be hard to help them while juggling your career, family and education.

    While aging parents have the right to refuse home help for the elderly, it is undeniably necessary at times when they are having trouble with mobility issues. Here is how you can approach resistance to assisted care from your elderly parents.


    The first approach you can try is to understand why your parent refuses to have a caregiver. Many elderly loved ones are against home care out of fear of losing control and being seen as incapable. When you understand what your senior member is facing, you can create a plan that aligns with their fears.

    Now that you understand their fears, sit down with them and discuss the senior options. If your senior loved one fears losing their independence, tell them about home care. Let them know that this option will not limit their freedom but give them the ability to accomplish tasks safely. 

    Give them options

    Parents refuse caregiving services because they feel like they will be dependent on someone for the rest of their lives. Do not leave them out when searching for home care services in Omaha. It is vital to provide them with options when seeking home care to give them a sense of control. 

    For instance, you can ask them to choose what chores they want to help with and what time they want their caregiver. These questions will help them feel in control of their life and give you an idea of what kind of services they need. This will find the ideal home care services that fit their needs. 

    The blame approach

    If none of the options above work, try the blame approach. No parent wants to see their child suffering or struggling. You can try explaining to your parents how not having a caregiver will affect your life as their child. 

    Let them know that without a caregiver, you will live with the fear of them having an accident. Home caregivers give families the peace of mind that their family member is safe, taking their medication or eating on time. 

    Hire home care services in Omaha

    If you're thinking of getting quality home care services for your elderly parents, choose Akkase Home Health Care. Our trained caregivers can assist with everything from bathing, cleaning, feeding to mobility, and doing laundry. Contact us to set up a consultation



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