Three ways seniors can stay active at home

  • January 13, 2021
    Three ways seniors can stay active at home

    No matter your age, physical activity is hugely beneficial. Regular exercise can help strengthen your bones, muscles and keep your heart healthy. As people start to age, staying active can be a little more complicated. 

    Seniors struggle to stay active due to disabilities, health issues or reduced flexibility. Daily physical activity is critical for one's health. That is why our home health care in Lincoln NE team wants to share some ways that seniors can remain active well into their years. 

    Why is it important for seniors to remain active? 

    Like everyone else, seniors benefit a lot from maintaining active lifestyles. However, reports have found that one in three aging men and one in two aging women do not participate in any physical activity. If your senior loved one is not active, they could be at a higher risk of developing health issues in the future. 

    Regular physical activity helps seniors increase their balance and prevent chronic diseases. Improving a senior’s balance helps reduce the risk of them falling. Falls could lead to severe injuries like broken bones. 

    Three ways seniors can remain active 

    Take daily walks 

    Walking is a good form of cardio. This kind of cardio is low intensity and perfect for seniors. Walking is beneficial for older adults because it helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones, reduce blood pressure and anxiety. 

    The good thing about walking is that you do not need a gym membership. Seniors can take walks around their neighborhoods or homes. Experts suggest seniors should get an average of 2,000 to 9,000 steps each day.

    Participate in daily activities 

    With many more people spending time alone, it can be tempting for seniors to sit on the couch all day. Moving around the house and doing daily activities helps seniors remain active. They can get into the habit of doing daily chores like cleaning, laundry or cooking. 

    However, if seniors struggle with this on their own, consider getting them home care. For example, a home health care in Lincoln NE professional can assist them in daily tasks and make sure they do not get injured while doing them. 

    Starting an at-home exercise routine

    Did you know that exercise helps seniors improve their balance and increases their independence? Regular exercise helps seniors to strengthen their balance. While also helping promote their ability to accomplish everyday tasks. Experts suggest that seniors get at least 2.5 hours of exercise each week

    The first step for seniors to start working out is finding one that accommodates their needs. If a senior has limited mobility, look at a routine they can do while seated. Seniors who have more mobility could also join a pilates or yoga class online. 

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