Things to consider when thinking about in home care

  • December 18, 2019
    Things to consider when thinking about in home care

    Mom and dad have always been superwoman and superman, but as they age, the time will come to make tough decisions. Aging is a part of life that everyone has to deal with, but one day you might notice mom and dad have suddenly aged. When did this happen?

    As a caregiver for your parents, it is imperative to make those tough decisions for them. The more aware a caregiver is of the options that can be explored, the better prepared for this decision. This is what to consider when searching for home care in Omaha options. 

    Assess your parent’s needs 

    The very first step is to speak with any specialists, physicians and others who can help you assess your parent’s needs and how to help them with these needs. It can be overwhelming to start this process, but it is important to figure what their daily actions and requirements will be. 

    Here are the main topics to assess: 

    • Personal hygiene 

    • Social interaction

    • Medications

    • Mobility

    • Safety

    • Mental and physical health

    A parent who will need around the clock help with mobility, medications and has a deteriorating physical or mental health could possibly need help from professionals who can come to their home. This provides mom and dad with the ability to stay in the comfort of their own home but also have a professional who can give them medications, help with hygiene and any mobility issues. 

    Think about your own needs and abilities

    This is one of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration during the process. Being a caregiver for a parent can be difficult and it can take a toll on the caregiver. 

    A caregiver would be the person who reminds them to take medication, shower, manage finances and even more. Do you have a demanding career? Would you be able to come home in case of an emergency? Can you trust to leave them alone? Would it be best to have a home care in Omaha professionals? Am I mentally and physically able to do this? 

    All of these questions and others are important to sit down, reflect upon and make the best decision for you, mom or dad. 

    Always include mom and dad 

    This conversation will never be easy, but it is critical to include mom and dad in the conversation. As we stated above, educating yourself on options and their daily routines is the first step. The second step is to find out what parents prefer. If you can trust mom and dad to make the right decisions, sit down and explain to them  all the options and find the best one for their situation. This is the moment to also explain that this could all change dependent upon their health in the future. 

    All seniors want to stay in their home. It is their safe zone and comfort place, and if this is an option for your parents, home care in Omaha can provide your parents the care they will need inside their living room. 

    Understand and work on finances 

    Think about the medical care, the cost of senior care living, food, everyday costs, utilities and etc. for mom and dad. Often times, this is the responsibility of the caregiver. This is when it is important to understand if there are any options for your parents such as Medicaid or Government programs. At Akkase Home Health Care, patients who have Medicaid are our primary patients. 

    Explore options 

    Not all options out there will be best for your parents. It is important to find healthcare and professionals who understand your parent’s individual needs. This is why home care in Omaha is the best option for a number of families. 

    Our professionals can offer personalized care, from food preparation to transportation options. 

    It is never an easy decision when trying to consider in-home care, but find a company that can work with your parents to provide the best experience. 
    If you, a friend or a family member are interested in in-home care, contact Akkase Home Health Care today! We are one of the best Omaha senior care providers, and focus on helping patients stay safe, independent and engaged.



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