Updated: The benefits of a medical alert system

  • February 19, 2020
    Updated: The benefits of a medical alert system

    As your parents start to get older, the idea of them living home alone might not be ideal. They are not able to do everyday things by themselves anymore. Illness and age can stop them from doing things by themselves.

    The last thing your aging parent might want is to lose the comfort of their home and independence. That is why getting them a caregiver to visit them and help them with daily tasks is a perfect solution for you both. 

    For that extra peace of mind, you also have the option of getting a medical alert system. With both an Omaha senior care professional and an alert system, you will not have to worry about your aging parent living at home alone!

    Medical alert systems

    A medical alert system is simply a device that will send an emergency signal to emergency personnel. If your senior loved one were to slip in the bathroom or trip in the bedroom, they can push a button on the medical alert device and help will come their way. 

    This device is designed for seniors who live alone at home or receive Omaha senior care. They come in different sizes and shapes. Making it easy for an elderly person to carry a monitored or unmonitored medical alert system with them at all times.

    The two different kinds of medical alert systems

    Before purchasing a medical alert system, you should know that there are two different types: monitored and unmonitored. 

    A monitored medical alert system will connect them to a live person on the other line. From there, they will be able to call or send the help they need. 

    While unmonitored medical alert systems will go through a list of programmed numbers which can assist your loved one. They can then choose to either call the police, a family member or friend to help them out. 

    Why does a senior need a medical alert system?

    Let’s them stay independent 

    If your parent or elderly loved one is living home alone, the last thing they want is to lose their independence. One solution that will give them the freedom they want without losing safety is getting a medical alert system. 

    They are easy to carry, the design makes them convenient to carry around with them in their pockets or around their necks. Some come in a waterproof design so they can even shower with them. These devices allow them to enjoy the comfort of their home without you constantly worrying. 

    Assistance available 24/7 

    Accidents can happen when you least expect them. Your loved one could be in the bathroom when they trip or fall on the ground. They might not have the strength to get up like when they were younger. They will not  be able to grab a phone and call you to come to get them if they are on the floor. 

    A medical alert system provides 24-hour assistance for accidents like these. They are designed to alert a dispatcher who can then inform a first responder or a family member that you need help. 

    Give your senior loved one the extra assistance they need with an Omaha senior care trained professional. Contact us to set up a consultation and help ease your mind. 



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