Summer safety for elders

  • June 26, 2019
    Summer safety for elders

    Summer is here! The kids are out of school and the temperatures are rising. When temperatures reach over 90 degrees, it is important to understand the dangers that the Summer heat can bring for your elderly loved one. That is why the in home senior care Omaha NE professionals want to share with you the dangers, warning signs and how to keep your independent elderly loved one safe during the extreme heat. 

    Why the summer heat is dangerous for the elderly?

    The Summer heat is not easy on anyone, especially older adults. They are more prone to heat-related health problems like heat stress, exhaustion and even heat strokes. Older adults do not adjust to heat like younger people are able to. 

    The way the body adjusts could also be due to health conditions and medication. Sometimes a health condition could affect the way their body responds to the excessive heat. Medications can also limit their body’s control to sweating and temperatures. 

    Warning signs you are suffering from heat stress 

    Whether you are outdoors or indoors trying to escape the summer heat, there is a possibility of getting heat stress. Heat stress is an illness that can result in a rash, cramps or even heat stroke. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to contact professional help:  

    • Headaches

    • Nausea 

    • Dizziness 

    • Weakness 

    • Irritability 

    • Thirsty 

    • Sweating 

    How you can keep yourself or a senior safe

    The heat should not limit your or a loved one's life. There are simple things you can do to keep them safe from getting a heat stress or exhaustion. The in home senior care Omaha NE professionals want to share some advice on how to keep yourself or a loved one safe this Summer. 

    Drink plenty of water 

    As you get older you start to lose your ability to conserve water and the ability to feel thirty. That is why it is critically essential to keep a loved one hydrated during the warm months. Be sure to give them water throughout the day. 

    Stay cool

    If your loved one is living alone in their home, be sure to make sure their air conditioner is working. Having just a fan during the Summer is not enough, especially in places where the temperatures reach above 90.  Make sure to schedule an HVAC maintenance check before the heat arrives.  

    Wear the correct clothes

    One easy way to prevent getting overheated is choosing the correct clothes. Choose clothing that will let a breeze come in. Clothing that is 100 percent cotton is advised. Stay away from dark colored clothing that absorbs the sunlight. 

    Limit your time outside. 

    Just because it is Summer, does not mean you should live indoors. Be smart about the amount of time your loved one spends outdoors. Avoid heading out when there are heat advisories. If you are outside for a longer period, drink plenty of water and wear the correct type of clothing. 

    If you need a little extra keeping an eye one your elderly loved this Summer, call the best in home senior care Omaha NE! At Akkase Home Health Care, we offer personal care services, in-home companionship and care services. Set your consultation today!



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