Medication Management for Seniors

  • October 23, 2019
    Medication Management for Seniors

    There are many seniors who have to take different types of medication each day. They might have to take these medications because of an illness or it might be health related. For elders, it can be a lot to manage and remember. If you’ve noticed your aging loved one is struggling to keep up with their medication, try these tips from home health care in Nebraska professionals to ensure they’re safely keeping up with medication. 

    Record their medication

    When you or an aging loved one has to take so much medication, it can become overwhelming to keep track. Sometimes medicine can be forgotten or when it should be stopped. You should try to help your parent or aging loved one keep track of this information for their safety and well-being. 

    You should create a record of all the medication that your loved one should be taking and for how long. This information will ensure that they aren’t mixing specific medication they shouldn’t or overtaking on specific amounts they shouldn’t. It can also assist any home health care in Nebraska caregiver that you hire to remind your family member or friend. 

    Keep an active record of this information

    • Write down all the names of the medication 

    • Which doctor prescribed which medication 

    • What each medication is meant for 

    • When and how much should your loved one be taking 

    • If your loved one needs to get them refilled once they’re done with them

    Create a plan ahead 

    Everyone tends to forget things here and there. You can only imagine how much seniors tend to forget in their everyday life. It can become difficult for the elderly to remember when and how much medication they need to take. Taking the correct amount of medication can ensure they control their illnesses or prevent a drug dependency

    You can help your parent or aging loved one manage their medication by planning ahead. There are specific containers sold in stores that allow you to organize medication by weeks, days and hours. It’s perfect for seniors to organize all their pills and vitamins. 

    Localize their medication 

    As you get older you tend to forget little things like names and where you left specific items. It can become easy for seniors to misplace medication. Not finding medication can become a problem if they need certain medicine at a specific time or can only repurchase it with a doctor’s note. 

    It can become easy to avoid these problems by gathering all their medication in one easy to reach location. Choose a location that is accessible to them and where they go to everyday. Creating specific location will simplify their everyday life. 

    Discuss medication instructions with your loved one

    It’s a good idea to sit down with your loved one and discuss the instructions of each medication. Remind them what needs to be taken with a full stomach and what doesn’t. If your senior loved one has a caregiver, it’s also a good time to discuss with them about what medication they should be reminding your senior loved one. 

    Give your loved one the extra assistance they need to take medications by hiring an in home health care in Nebraska caregiver from Akkase Home Health Care. Our caregivers can assist any senior with mobility assistance, medication reminders and so much more. Contact us today to set up a consultation with us today. 



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