Long-term care planning for seniors

  • October 07, 2020
    Long-term care planning for seniors

    Aging is a natural part of life. Your parents will get older and require more attention and care. Although aging is expected, you cannot predict any illnesses, accidents or mobility loss that might occur to a senior loved one in the future.

    One way that you prepare for the unexpected is by creating a plan with your parents. Before you and your parents start searching senior care services near me on the Internet, here is some valuable information about long-term care and the options available. 

    Longer-term Care Planning Month

    The month of October is Long-term Care Planning Month. Throughout October, seniors are encouraged to start planning future care services. It is also a time for seniors and loved ones to start looking at the various senior care options. 

    Creating a long-term care plan now will help you research the best care for a senior instead of choosing the first senior care services near me. It also gives a chance for seniors to express their desires for the future. 

    What is long-term care? 

    Long-term care is a type of service that meets personal care and health needs for a period of time. The services are designed to help individuals live more independently or accomplish needs for individuals who can no longer do it by themselves. 

    Sometimes receiving longer-term care can be accomplished by family members and friends. However, what happens when your friends and family can no longer lend a helping hand? This where long-term care professionals can help out. 

    When do seniors need long-term care?

    Every senior is different, thus their need for care. There is no specific age that determines when seniors should get long-term care. Typically, people get this kind of care service when a senior is no longer able to accomplish daily tasks independently.

    For example, some seniors might lose mobility due to old age, chronic diseases and balance loss. Ordinary things like getting out of bed, changing and showering can become difficult. This is where a caregiver can help a senior accomplish everyday tasks and move to avoid developing bedsores

    What kind of longer-term care is there available? 

    When it comes to senior care, there are various options available. Options vary to accommodate a senior's budget, necessities and time needed for care. The two most popular choices for senior care are nursing facilities and in-home care. 

    A nursing facility, also known as a nursing home, is where seniors go to live to receive care. Most of these nursing homes offer 24-hour care from certified nurses. One thing to consider is that this kind of care is more expensive and can limit a senior's freedom. 

    In-home care is a kind of care service where the caregiver goes to a senior's home to provide personal care. A caregiver will be available at times requested and then leave after the services are completed. This kind of service is more affordable and lets seniors remain in their home's comfort. 

    Need senior care services near me?

    For your in-home care needs, choose Akkase Home Health Care. Our certified and trained caregivers can provide your senior loved one with personal care needs from the comfort of their homes. We also provide companionship services that range from transportation to light housekeeping. Contact us to set up a consultation