How you can help a senior remain independent

  • June 05, 2019
    How you can help a senior remain independent

    87 percent of adults older than 65+ would prefer to stay in their homes. Sometimes this can be tough for families who only want their aging loved one to stay safe. Luckily some solutions can keep both ends happy. These are some simple solutions that an in-home care Omaha professional suggests you can do.

    Rearrange furniture.

    If you sometimes stumble against the coffee table with lamps, imagine your elderly loved one. Having furniture sticking out or just accompanying leg room could be a hazard. They can fall or trip on the furniture.

    A simple solution is rearranging your loved one’s furniture. Place items along the wall to give for walking space. If an item is too big and has no use, it might be time to get rid of it completely. The goal is to make it easier for them to walk.

    Adding more light.

    Just to make it even safer for a loved one, add more lightning! The last thing you want is for them to trip in the dark. Adding more lights around the home can help minimize accidents. There are even lights that can be turned on with motion or with a push of an app.

    Make things accessible.

    Next time you go to your loved one’s home, check where all their everyday items are located. Is the food on the tallest or lowest shelf? Are personal hygiene products out of reach? If you answered yes to any of these, it is time to change that.

    It is recommended to place everyday items in easy to reach areas. Switching items in cabinets or moving things in the pantry can really make a big difference. By doing this, your loved one will feel much more independent and remain safe.

    Make the bathroom senior friendly.

    Staying clean should not impact your safety. For seniors who want to stay independent, having a safe bathroom is necessary. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 230,000 people get injured in bathrooms.

    Start renovating your loved one’s bathroom to be more practical by adding grab bars, installing non-slip surfaces and removing obstacles. Grab bars can be installed around the bathtub and toilet. Installing non-slip surfaces on the floor and tubs will help to prevent slips from happening.

    Get them caregiver.

    If your loved one needs assistance but wants to keep their independence, getting an in-home care Omaha caregiver is the solution. Placing them in a nursing home will reduce and limit their freedom. While in-home care service can let them maintain their freedom, but still get the assistance they need. A caregiver will come into their home to help them accomplish tasks like personal hygiene, meal preparation or simply reminding them to take their medication.

    Give your loved one the independence they want and your peace of mind by choosing in-home care Omaha service. Set up a consultation with Akkase Home Health Care today.



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