How to talk about senior care with your elderly loved one

  • August 28, 2019
    How to talk about senior care with your elderly loved one

    Many families will eventually have to make the decision when their aging parents are no longer able to take care of themselves. When the time comes, help from home care Omaha NE professionals can be a lifesaver. 

    But it is best to have the conversation before the need arises. If you can talk about the need for help home care Omaha NE services before an emergency strikes, everyone will be ready for change when the time comes. 

    Why it’s important to talk about senior care? 

    We have heard that many parents want to "cross the bridge of home care" when they come to it. The problem with that is that sometimes crossing that bridge comes about because of an emergency. 

    Maybe the aging parent slipped and fell, or became depressed because they were isolated and lonely, with no one to check on them. Help from in-home senior care gives parents the help they need, before an emergency arises and they can no longer handle things themselves. Here’s what you need to know before having the talk about in-home care. 

    Educate yourself

    When you are ready to talk to your parents, first prepare yourself. Educate yourself about the options that are available near where you live, so that when your parent or parents have questions, you have some answers at hand. 

    Find out what your parents prefer

    If your parents are still mentally sound, it is important that your parents feel like they have a say in what their options are. Talk to them about what they want their living situation to be, and compare it to the list of resources you have prepared. That will give you each a place to focus more of your attention and to continue the conversation. 

    Make accommodations for them

    Most of the time older adults would want to stay in the comfort of their own home. Give them the independence they want. Also give yourself some peace of mind, move furniture to give them as much walking space as possible. Add more lights around the house, there’s nothing more dangerous than them walking around in the dark. Small changes in the bathroom can make their lives easier too. 

    Talk to them about in-home personal care 

    Also have an open discussion with them about in-home-personal care. At Akkase Home Health Care Center, our home care Omaha NE care services include: meal prep, help with daily tasks, and so much more! This option lets them stay in the comfort of their own home, freedom of their schedule and the ability to bond with their caregiver! 

    When you are both able to agree on the type of help in-home services that are available in your area, take the next step by exploring the options together. At Akkase Home Home Health Care we have a home care quiz. We remove the guesswork and confusion from investigating home care. If you still have further questions about our in-home care service, contact us and our professionals we love to assist you!



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