How to safely celebrate the holidays with seniors

  • November 25, 2020
    How to safely celebrate the holidays with seniors

    Thanksgiving is going to look a little different this year due to COVID-19. The New York Times has reported that COVID cases have increased in these past weeks. To reduce the spread of this virus, families should reconsider how they spend the holidays.

    The home health care Lincoln NE professionals want to offer these safe ways to celebrate the holidays with a senior.

    Have a dinner with the household

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that seniors over the age of 65 and older and those with chronic illnesses should avoid participating in in-person gatherings with people not living in your household. Instead of traveling to see your aging parents, let them celebrate with their household.   

    If a senior lives with housemates or family members, have them celebrate by having dinner with them. It reduces the risk of exposing yourself to others. Have everyone help prepare the meals. They can contribute to making their own favorite dishes. 

    Deliver a meal to a senior 

    Gathering around the dinner table with everyone in your family to enjoy a meal during the holidays is special. However, this year the pandemic might prevent all family members from gathering together.  Home health care Lincoln NE caregivers have found ways everyone can celebrate, including seniors. 

    Although your senior loved one might not be able to eat with you, you can still deliver them a holiday meal. Prepare the holiday dinner early and have it delivered to the front door of your senior loved one. That way, they can feel appreciated and accounted for this holiday season. 

    Set up a video chat with everyone

    Technology has allowed millions of people to stay connected through instant messaging, social media and video calling. You can now video chat with loved ones around the country, world or those who are at high risk, like seniors. 

    Here are some video calling platform options that everyone can use like:

    To celebrate the holidays safely, encourage everyone to video call to have dinner together. Schedule a time for everyone to call in and have dinner or just talk. This allows everyone to feel included and not spend the holidays alone. 

    Remember safety guidelines

    If your senior loved one is spending the holidays with your family, it is important to take safety procedures. By following these guidelines, you can reduce the risk of affecting a senior. Here some guidelines set by the CDC to stay safe if you are attending a holiday gathering

    Need a home health care Lincoln NE profesional? 

    Gift a senior loved one safe and reliable help by hiring an in-home caregiver! At Akkase Home Health Care, our trained professionals can assist seniors with medication reminders, hygiene assistance and transportation. Contact us to schedule a consultation. 



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