How to prepare a senior’s home for the fall weather

  • September 16, 2020
    How to prepare a senior’s home for the fall weather

    As the mornings start to get chilly and the leaves begin to change, preparing a home for the fall weather is essential.

     It will prevent problems from arising and keep your home running smoothly through this weather change. Following a fall home maintenance checklist will help you solve any issues in your home before they occur. 

    Do not forget to do fall home maintenance for your elderly loved ones living at home. This helps keep their home warm and prevents leaks in their home. To help you prepare a senior’s home for fall weather, the home health care Omaha professionals want to share these tips. 

    Clean their home’s gutters

    One priority for homeowners before the winter creeps is getting their home’s gutters cleaned. A home’s gutters can get filled with dead leaves, branches and debris. Cluttered gutters cause rainwater not to get properly drained. This can result in water damage for the exterior and interior of the home. 

    Before the weather starts to get chilly, ensure that a senior’s home gutters are clean. You can do it yourself or call a gutter specialist. Or if your senior loved one rents their home, call the landlord to have it cleaned. 

    Check the furnace

    Weather changes rapidly. It can go from sunny and warm to cloudy and cold in a blink of an eye. The best thing is to prepare for the unexpected. Checking a senior’s furnace is an important step in a fall home maintenance checklist. 

    Turn on the furnace and see if warm air is blowing out the air vents. If no warm air is coming out, call an HVAC technician. They can come over and inspect the furnace for any issues. Turning on the furnace to see if it works will prevent seniors from losing heat when they need it the most. 

    Test carbon monoxide alarms  

    Depending on where you live in the country, autumn can bring cold weather. This causes us to turn on furnaces or space heaters that can release carbon monoxide and increase the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. For senior’s living at home alone, it can be dangerous. 

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that at least 430 people die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States every year. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by testing carbon monoxide alarms. Test a senior’s carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries if they are not working. 

    Seal any air leaks

    Have you ever noticed an air draft when you visit your aging parent’s home? That draft means that air could be leaking and costing your loved one money. Air leaks in windows and doors can cause energy bills to rise significantly during the colder months. 

    Sealing those leaks by weatherstripping will ensure your loved one stays warm. Check all windows and doors in your senior's home. You can buy weatherstripping seals, bottoms and foam tapes at your local hardware store

    Keep the home clean

    Maintaining a whole house can be difficult for seniors. Sometimes they have an illness, disability or limited mobility that does not allow them to keep their home tidy. Dusting and mopping regularly help reduce the chance of respiratory problems and infections

    Hiring a home health care Omaha caregiver can help keep a senior’s home clean with light housework services. Plus, these caregivers assist seniors in other aspects like providing companionship, driving them appointments and even reminding them to take medication. 

    Are you looking for home health care Omaha services? 

    Choose Akkase Home Health Care for all your in-home care needs. Our trained professionals will ensure seniors get the assistance they need without losing their independence. Contact us today to learn more about in-home care services. 



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