How to introduce a loved one to in-home care

  • June 12, 2019
    How to introduce a loved one to in-home care

    Has it been challenging to convince your loved one that they need in-home care? It can be difficult for an aging person to admit that they need assistance. They probably do not want to seem like they are incapable of doing things for themselves. Instead of giving up on the idea or forcing them to like it, take this advice from the home care assistance Omaha professionals to ease the process.

    Let them know that it is not for them but for you.

    Seniors do not want to feel like they have lost their dignity. Having to rely on someone could be difficult to admit. That is why your loved one might be pushing back from the idea of in-home care.

    Try explaining that they should get in-home care not for them, but for you. Let them know that you need a little help looking after them. That if they get assistance, you will be able to have peace of mind.

    Tell them that it is for housekeeping.

    Ease them into getting in-home care by saying it is a housekeeping service. Tell a loved one you are having trouble keeping the place tidy or doing laundry. This way, your loved one will get closer to the caregiver and consider getting more help.

    Home care assistance Omaha service provide light housekeeping that can do everything from vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms. It is a great way to give your loved one the assistance they need without pushing them into the unknown.

    Listen to them first.

    Do not just shut down their opinion of getting in-home care. Let your loved one express why they do not want in-home care. Ask them what their fears of getting in-home care are? Why do they not want help? Are they afraid of losing independence?

    By allowing them to express how they feel and addressing their fears and needs could help both of you have a better understanding of what kind of service they need. If both parties agree, take your loved one in the hiring process. That way, they know what to expect.

    Let them know it is only temporary.

    If your loved one still does not like the idea, let know it is only temporary. Explain to them the extra tasks you have going on at home, so you are doing this to keep them safe while you are away. Once they try the service, it could become a daily routine for them. Over time they will begin to enjoy having an extra set of hands around the house.

    When you are ready to get your loved one into in-home care, contact the home care assistance Omaha experts. We can help ease your parents into in-home care with our laundry and light keeping services to transportation. Schedule your consultation today!



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