How to approach depression in elderly parents

  • October 14, 2020
    How to approach depression in elderly parents

    Have you noticed that your aging loved one is not acting like himself or herself anymore? Your senior loved one could be depressed. Mental Health America states that more than two million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from some form of depression. 

    Aging comes with unique pressures and stressors that can cause an elderly parent to fall into depression. Research also shows that the leading cause of suicides among older people is because of depression. Therefore, addressing this issue among your loved ones is vital in maintaining their quality of life and improving their overall health.

    Signs of depression in seniors

    The personal health care services Lincoln NE professionals believe the first step to addressing depression among older individuals is being able to notice the warning signs. These warning signs help you identify depression and encourage seniors to seek help. Some of the signs of depression include;

    • Losing interest in activities

    • Isolation

    • Finding it difficult to get through the day

    • Feeling helpless and hopeless all the time

    We often assume that isolation and suffering are common in old age. Unfortunately, this is not true since these are signs that your loved one has depression.

    Identify the root cause of depression 

    Depression and mental illness can have a negative impact on your parents' physical health and well-being. For example, they can undermine their immune system, exposing them to cancers and infections. Identifying the root cause of your loved ones' depression is essential in minimizing their stressors and pressures.

    Some common causes of depression in elderly individuals include;

    • Loss of a spouse, family member or friend

    • Financial strain after retirement

    • Declining physical abilities, e.g., they cannot feed or bathe by themselves

    • Loss of independence

    Personal health care services Lincoln NE professionals suggest taking time to understand your parent's stress source to help you empathize with them. Also, it can help you find practical solutions that minimize their pain and worries.

    Caring for elderly parents with depression

    The best way to help your loved one with depression is by finding new things that make them happy and give them a purpose to live. It is vital to make them feel important and valuable since it shows them you value their presence. Having them pick-up a hobby or even interacting with more people can help them feel like themselves. 

    For example, try spending more time with them and engage them in social activities that expose them to new friends. Take them to visit old friends or take them out shopping. If you do not see a difference, seek professional health. There are medical treatments to help ease the symptoms of depression.

    You can also hire a home caregiver to provide your parents with companionship when you are out working or studying. A professional caregiver can provide your loved one with emotional and physical support.

    Hire personal health care services Lincoln NE

    Akkase Home Health Care can assist your aging parent physically and emotionally. Our professional caregivers are trained to support seniors in their personal care needs without taking away their independence. Contact us to schedule a consultation. 



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