How in-home care can help with transportation

  • September 30, 2020
    How in-home care can help with transportation

    Most of us do not have to think about how we are going to make a doctor’s appointment or grab groceries. Driving, for most of us, is accessible. For senior citizens, driving is not always an option. 

    Due to age, illness or disabilities, seniors are not able to drive on their own. Finding reliable transportation to get seniors where they need to go can be challenging. That is why home health care Omaha is an excellent option for seniors who need a ride. 

    Here is why some seniors cannot drive and how in-home care can provide assisted transportation for seniors

    Seniors and driving 

    As you start to age, your ability to drive might also be impacted. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that older drivers over the age of 75 are more likely to have crash-related deaths than middle-age drivers. 

    The risk of a car-related accident increases for seniors because of impaired vision, loss of hearing, slow reflexes and health conditions. Not to mention, it can also be dangerous for them to drive if they have cognitive decline, like early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

    Driving under these conditions can be dangerous for seniors because they could miss a stoplight or drive on the wrong side of the road. 

    Signs that seniors are no longer able to drive 

    Being able to identify when a senior is no longer able to drive helps keep everyone safe. It can be hard to determine when seniors cannot drive because they drive on their own most of the time. 

    However, it is vital to take a moment in your day and ask a senior to take you on a ride. If you notice any of these warning signs, it is time to let your senior know they no longer should be driving.

    1. They are missing or ignoring traffic signals. 

    2. They have a difficult time seeing objects and pedestrians. 

    3. They are braking for no reason. 

    4. They are changing lanes too quickly. 

    5. When driving, they are drifting into different lanes. 

    6. They have gotten multiple traffic tickets in recent years. 

    7. They get lost in familiar routes.

    8. They feel anxious while driving. 

    How in-home care can provide assisted transportation for seniors

    As much as you want to help a senior get to their appointments, work or other family matters might prevent you. Instead of them calling a taxi or riding a bus, seniors have the option in-home care. This service gives seniors an in-home caregiver who can provide transportation. 

    Caregivers have safe cars to accommodate their disabilities. It makes it easier for seniors to know that they have a reliable form of transportation. Seniors do not have to worry about asking for rides. Caregivers can drive your aging loved one to appointments, beauty salons, grocery shopping or to see a friend. 

    Are you looking for a home health care Omaha professional?

    Let the Akkase Home Health Care professionals help your senior loved one feel independent. We offer services in-home companionship and care services that include transportation. Contact us to schedule a consultation



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