Home Modifications for Aging in Place

  • August 05, 2020
    Home Modifications for Aging in Place

    Your aging parent probably spent most of their time living in their home. It can be difficult for them to leave their home. 

    There is no need for seniors to leave their houses to receive personal care. There are senior care options like home health care Lincoln NE services that send a caregiver to assist seniors. 

    Before your aging parent is left alone, here are some aging in place remodeling suggestions to keep seniors safe. 

    Why should you modify a senior’s home?

    Although seniors have lived most of their lives in their homes, some challenges can arise as they age. Seniors begin to lose flexibility and mobility that make it difficult for them to navigate through their homes. 

    The National Council of Aging states that one in four Americans 65 years and older falls each year. If these falls occur when a senior is  home alone, it can be difficult for them to get up or get help. That is why modifying a senior's house is so essential. 

    Aging in place remodeling 

    Update flooring

    Some flooring options are beautiful options for homes, but it might not be the most practical for seniors. Particular floors get slippery when they become wet - this becomes a hazard for seniors and they can slip and get injured. 

    Experts suggest that, if possible, replace the flooring with options that make moving easier, slip-resistant, cushioned and low-maintenance. Some flooring options that include these features are carpet, vinyl, cork, linoleum, hardwood and laminate flooring. It is suggested to avoid natural stones, ceramics and not use area rugs. 

    Switch door knobs

    Some seniors have arthritis or other illnesses that limit their ability to grip. This inability to grasp items can cause them difficulty in opening doors. One way to make entries more accessible is by replacing round-style door knobs with lever-style door knobs. Do not forget about replacing cabinet doors as well. 

    Lowering water temperatures on water heater

    Water can heat up pretty quickly. If the temperatures get too hot, they can cause burn injuries. As seniors start to age, they are not quick enough to react to scalding water and get burned. Experts suggest that water heater temperatures are lowered to 120 degrees. Anything above 120 degrees reduces the risk of scalding. 

    Install grab bars

    As your parents start to age, they can struggle with stability problems. To avoid a potential fall, it is suggested to install grab bars in places where seniors might lose balance like in showers, around bathtubs and toilets. Grab bars help seniors keep their balance and give them something to hold on in case of slips. 

    Widen doorways

    One problem that seniors might have in their home is with their doorways. Narrow doorways can make it difficult for seniors to get around their homes with their walkers or wheelchairs. That is why you should widen doorways that are narrower than 32 inches.  

    Choose the home health care Lincoln NE professionals 

    Once you have made the necessary home renovations, hire an in-home caregiver to keep your senior loved one safe. At Akkase Home Health Care, we have trained professionals who can help seniors with personal care and companionship needs. Contact us to get started!



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