Holiday loneliness

  • November 20, 2019
    Holiday loneliness

    This time of year is dedicated to spending time with our loved ones. We stuff our faces with our favorite foods, play family-friendly games and create memories that will last a lifetime! Unfortunately, not all of our loved ones get to experience this as they age. It’s common for elderly adults to feel excluded because of their inability to leave their house. In this blog we will discuss how to combat loneliness in seniors during the Holiday season

    It’s common to no longer live in the same city as your elderly loved one, which makes holidays more difficult. If you cannot make it to your elderly loved one this year, it’s still important to talk to them. 

    One of the most important things for a senior is communication. Expand the conversation, don’t just call and say “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Merry Christmas,” ask about them! We understand that you are busy but taking 15-30 minutes out of your day can impact their mental health. You can even tell them what’s new in your life and ask for any advice! This makes them feel needed and important. 

    You can also get them to join new hobbies or be a part of a new group. Churches can be a great to meet people through group activities. Home healthcare in Nebraska is another option that will allow a caregiver to offer companionship in the comfort of your loved ones home. Your elderly loved one can have someone to engage with on a daily basis and won’t be alone for long periods of time.  

    Learn their hobbies! People change over time, so you might think you know how your elderly loved one spends their free time. If they now have limited mobility, suggest they get into reading, puzzles or charity work. Once you learn their new hobby, you can get them a Christmas gift that involves it, this shows them that you are listening to what’s new in their life. It’s also something that they will enjoy. 

    It’s important to pay attention to your elderly loved one, often times they won’t share how they feel. It’s common for them to feel depressed and lonely. If you notice their behavior or mood change, it might be time to contact home healthcare in Nebraska. 

    Keep your elderly loved one positive this holiday season

    Keep conversations fun, talk about things that make them happy. You can bring up old memories and pictures that always bring a smile to their faces. Keep up the family traditions, this also helps them think of the good times. 

    Often times, we get in over our heads and spend way too much money during the holidays. Holidays are not about spending the most money, it’s about spending quality time with loved ones. This is not worth stressing over, be sure to tell your elderly loved one that you are just happy to be spending time together during the season. 

    In between all the holiday fun, find time to have a serious conversation with your loved one. Ask them how they really are, what they are feeling and how you can help. Get them to be honest with you, ask if they feel lonely or depressed. Or if they are struggling with everyday tasks. If they are, it might be time for a home healthcare in Nebraska. 

    Help your elderly loved one feel happy again, if they are feeling lonely or depressed hire an in home caregiver. Our caregivers can be a companion to elders, contact us today to learn the benefits of an in home caregiver!