Holiday activities for elderly loved ones

  • December 11, 2019
    Holiday activities for elderly loved ones

    The holidays are a magical time of year, between the festivities and family get togethers, it really is the most wonderful time of the year! However, not everyone has family who can visit or is able to go to their loved ones. This can cause everyone to be lonely during the holidays, but oftentimes, seniors are the loneliness

    As one of the many home healthcare agencies Omaha NE in our area, our staff wants to remind you to please contact your senior loved ones and family members. This is the time of year that is hard for anyone who is not able to visit friends or family. 

    If a family or loved loves are able to visit, here are some of the best activities that our home healthcare agencies Omaha NE recommend: 

    A hot cocoa bar 

    A hot cocoa bar is a hit for everyone from children to seniors! This is a simple but thoughtful gift that is also inexpensive. Just beware of any dietary restrictions due to medical conditions and medications. 


    This could be two activities as well! The first activity would be visiting a local craft fair or show to gather the needed supplies for decorations for their home and the wreath. This is a very calm but fun couple hours out and about. 

    The next activity would be to make the wreath! This puts everyone in the holiday spirit and allows for your senior to have some creativity, chit chat and be independent! 

    Gingerbread houses

    There are gingerbread house kits in every grocery store or Amazon. This is  an inexpensive way to cheer up a seniors day! 

    Wrap presents

    Stop procrastinating on wrapping your presents this year. We have a plan to make it go twice as fast, enlist help from your elderly loved one! When you are spending time with one another, get to know your loved one. Their past and all of the crazy things they did as teenagers. This is the best time to communicate and even start a new tradition. 

    Watch movies

    This is sometimes so simple but so worth it! You could watch a Christmas movie while making hot cocoa, wrapping presents or doing an assortment of crafts. Another added bonus is that this will keep any kiddos sitting still long enough to take pictures. 

    Elf on the shelf

    Do you know what an elf on the shelf is? This little elf is pretty magical and comes with accessories to help make the experience even more magical. This elf could be moved by your loved ones caregiver or you when you are visiting. It is important to keep it simple, but adult friendly! Here are some ideas. 

    Bake cookies 

    The holidays are all about traditions, make sure you  do not let a tradition fade away! Bake cookies, brownies, passed down recipes, meals for later in the week and make memories! 

    Drive to see holiday lights

    There is something magical about driving through a neighborhood that is all decked out with holiday lights! This is a fun evening that requires minimal walking, keeps your loved one warm and allows for a small nap on the way home! 

    These are the top simple but most fun ideas for your senior this year! Don’t forget to give your elderly loved one company all year around! You can give them the assistance they need by hiring a  home healthcare agencies Omaha NE. Our professional caregivers can assist them in everything from making dinner to remind them to take medication. Contact us to set up your consultation today! 



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