UPDATED: Holiday activities for elderly loved ones

  • December 23, 2020
    UPDATED: Holiday activities for elderly loved ones

    Typically, the holidays are a time for families to gather and celebrate. This is not always possible. Sometimes families live in separate states and cannot make it to the festivities. Whatever the case is, it is important to always think about senior loved ones living at home alone. 

    The holiday season can be a lonely time for seniors. An AARP Foundation survey found that 31 percent of adults have felt lonely during the holidays in the last five years. Could your aging parent living at home be one of them? 

    This year do holiday activities for seniors to help them feel included. Our home healthcare agencies Omaha NE team wants to share some activities that you can do with a senior loved one in person or virtually this holiday season. 

    Set-up a hot cocoa bar

    A hot cocoa bar is a hit for everyone, from children to seniors. This is a simple but thoughtful gift that is also inexpensive. You can always purchase the items needed for this bar online and have it shipped to their door. They can set it up on their own. Just beware of any dietary restrictions due to medical conditions and medications. 

    Craft a holiday wreath

    One of the most traditional holiday activities for seniors is crafting a wreath. Making a wreath with a loved one virtually is a great bonding activity. All you will need to buy to build a traditional wreath is a: 

    • Plain wreath
    • Ribbon 
    • Ornaments
    • String 

    After all the materials are gathered, you can start to decorate it with them. Your senior loved one, and yourself can decorate it together through a video call. This will put everyone in the holiday spirit and allows for a senior to have some creativity, chit chat and be independent. 

    Build a gingerbread house

    If your senior loved one likes to bake or decorate, build a gingerbread house with them. There are gingerbread house kits in every grocery store or on Amazon. Having seniors participate in creative activities helps reduce their anxiety and depression

    Watch holiday movies together

    Technology has advanced far enough that you can now watch a movie with a senior loved one who lives miles away. Some apps and services let you watch movies online together. You can get the whole family, including grandkids, to watch classic Christmas movies and share lasting memories. 

    Bake holiday treats 

    Nothing says the holidays like some holiday cookies and baked goods. Baking is a great activity for seniors because it helps them get creative, make a healthy treat and get a chance to socialize. You can bake your family’s recipes or create something new. If you do not live near an aging parent, order the baking supplies online and bake together virtually through a video call.

    Drive through the neighborhood to see Christmas lights

    There is something magical about driving through a neighborhood that is all decked out with holiday lights. This is a fun evening that requires minimal walking, keeps your loved one warm and allows for a small nap on the way home. 

    Choose one of the best home healthcare agencies Omaha NE! 

    If you want a senior to feel less lonely, give them the gift of home care. A caregiver can help them in their daily tasks like grooming, maintaining personal hygiene and eating on time. Contact us to schedule your consultation



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