Hiring a home health aide is a safer alternative to a nursing home

  • May 20, 2020
    Hiring a home health aide is a safer alternative to a nursing home

    If your loved one needs home care for the elderly, it's important to take steps to ensure that he or she will be able to remain in a safe environment. 

    Unfortunately, many health care settings have become hotbeds for the current coronavirus pandemic, which poses a serious threat to seniors.

    In fact, statistics have shown that the incidence of complications from the novel coronavirus is much higher for older people, and for those with pre-existing conditions. 

    One way to keep your loved one safe is to seek home care instead of nursing home

    What is home health care?

    Home health care is a type of non-medical care available for seniors who live at home. Home health care Nebraska professionals can assist them with a wide range of services like mobility assistance, transferring and hygiene care. This type of senior care is usually less expensive and more convenient than a nursing home facility

    The benefits of home care instead of nursing home

    Gives personable care to elders with illnesses and diseases

    If you have an aging parent or family member who has mild to moderate cognitive decline, mobility issues or serious medical condition, then you know how important it is for them to receive proper care. 

    Though some seniors would prefer to stay at home instead of a nursing facility, there are options that accommodate both needs like in-home care

    An in-home caregiver can make sure your senior loved one stays safe within their home with daily or weekly visits. They ensure that seniors keep their independence while still offering necessary assistance. 

    Reduces the chances of a senior getting injured or acquiring an illness

    As a person starts to age, it can become difficult for them to accomplish simple tasks like keeping proper hygiene or cooking meals. These tasks can get even more difficult if they have limited mobility or cognitive decline. 

    An in-home caregiver can help prevent falls that could require seniors to be admitted to the hospital. While also assisting in living a healthier lifestyle, like making sure they take their medication and eating proper meals

    A caregiver can also remind your senior loved one of the importance of washing their hands and disinfecting their home from germs and viruses

    Reduces the need of your loved one to go outside during a pandemic 

    Going out to make essential purchases is especially risky for seniors during the pandemic. A caregiver will be able to do the shopping for your loved one or arrange for a delivery of groceries to be sent to the house. That way, they do not need to worry about risking their health if they run out groceries or necessities. Plus, these individuals have received the required training on how to sanitize and keep an environment safe

    Choose the best home health care Nebraska! 

    Are you ready to give your aging parent the safe help they need during this pandemic? Contact Akkase Home Health Care! Our in-home care professionals have the training to keep your loved ones safe and gather necessities they need for their everyday life! Contact us to get started!



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