Heart-healthy Habitats for Seniors

  • February 12, 2020
    Heart-healthy Habitats for Seniors

    The month of February is American Heart Month. Throughout the whole month home health care Lincoln NE caregivers want to raise awareness about heart-related diseases and how to prevent them. The leading cause of death for Americans is heart disease. That means that one in four deaths are caused by heart-related disease. 

    Heart diseases and seniors

    The term heart disease is used to describe a variety of heart-related conditions. The most common heart disease is called “coronary artery disease (CAD).” This type of condition affects the blood flow to the heart and can lead to a stroke. 

    The risks of  heart disease include diabetes, obesity, unhealthy eating and inactivity. The National Institute on Aging states that adults over the age of 65 have a higher risk of developing a heart condition. The reason this chance is because some seniors are not moving as much because of a disability or illness.  

    Activities that can help heart health

    There is good news! According to the American Heart Association, 80 percent of cardiovascular diseases are preventable. You or an aging loved one can reduce your risk of this disease by living a healthier lifestyle that can help you keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels healthy. Here is how you can help a senior in your life healthier.

    Choose healthy foods 

    Certain foods can increase the risk of heart problems. Make the switch and consume more foods that are low in sodium, fruits and vegetables. For seniors, it might not be as easy for them to make these changes. 

    They could have limited movement and require the help of someone preparing food for them. Perhaps, seniors do not have a mode of transportation to get them to grocery stores as often. Try shopping or cooking healthier options for them. Or get an aging adult a home health care Lincoln NE caregiver who can help them by preparing meals or fetching groceries. 

    Get them moving

    Not getting enough physical movement throughout the day can increase the risk of heart disease. Regular movement and exercise can help reduce those risks by improving control of normal blood flow. However, if elders lack mobility, this could put them at risk. 

    You can help seniors stay active by helping them move. You can take them on walks or get them to exercise. Swimming is a great option for them to get active. Or even encouraging to do daily home chores with you or a home health care Lincoln NE caregiver. 

    Sticking to bedtime 

    Getting enough sleep can improve their mood and help their heart health. Adults who do not get the required amount of sleep put themselves at risk of having health problems, like heart disease or depression. 

    If your aging parent or family member is not living with you, ensure they are getting enough sleep. Talk to them and ask how they are feeling and if they are struggling to fall asleep. Adults who are 65 years or older need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Give them a set of bedtime that they can follow.  

    Keep your senior loved one healthy by making these changes in diet, movements and bedtime. If your aging parent needs extra assistance at home, choose our in-home care! At Akkase Home Health Care, we provide affordable and high-quality caregiver services. Schedule a consultation.  



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