Four holiday gift ideas for seniors

  • December 09, 2020
    Four holiday gift ideas for seniors

    Finding the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list is easier said than done. It can leave you going from one store to another just to find something in their size or favorite color. Instead of giving your family an ordinary gift, consider giving them one they can use all year long. 

    Our personal health care services Lincoln NE team wants to make finding the perfect gift for your senior loved one a little easier. Here are four gift ideas for seniors that will surely put a smile on their face. 


    The pandemic has caused many people, including senior citizens, to feel isolated and lonely. Feeling lonely can affect your aging loved one’s physical and mental health. Research has found that loneliness and isolation can increase the chances of developing heart disease, anxiety and cognitive decline

    Help a senior stay connected by giving them a tablet this holiday season. Tablets can allow seniors to video chat with their friends and family to have a face-to-face conversation. This kind of tech is an excellent gift for older adults because their larger screens make it easy to use and read. Some senior-friendly tablets include:

    Grocery delivery services

    Instead of gifting your aging parent another sweater, give them a more practical gift. One of the most helpful gift ideas for seniors is a grocery delivery service. This delivery service is perfect for older adults who can no longer drive on their own or need assistance grocery shopping

    How it works is by ordering their groceries from an app or computer and having all of your senior’s food delivered to their front door. Not only does this service save seniors the hassle of grocery shopping, but it also makes sure they have enough food to eat. Here are some of the best grocery delivery plans for seniors

    Smart home speakers

    Technology is advancing every day to improve the quality of life for everyone. Smart home speakers have made it simple to find an answer, get directions and order online by using your voice. A smart home speaker makes a great gift for seniors, no matter their knowledge of technology. 

    It can help older adults set reminders, listen to music, order an Uber and even order grocery deliveries. Some ideal smart home device options for seniors include: 

    In-home care services

    There comes a time when your aging parent will require a little assistance to complete daily tasks. As your parents age, they might require help to get around the house or stay clean. If you have an aging loved one who needs assistance, gift them home care services. 

    This kind of senior care is practical for older adults living at home alone who require assistance. A caregiver will visit your aging parent on the days that they require care. Caregivers have the training to help seniors with personal care needs - like bathing, shaving, toileting and mobility assistance. Not to mention, caregivers can also drive seniors to appointments or do grocery shopping. 

    Choose the best personal health care services Lincoln NE

    Akkase Home Health Care has some of the best in-home care services in both Lincoln and Omaha. Our caregivers are bilingual and will ensure your loved one is safe. Contact us to get started.



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