Five questions to ask in-home care providers

  • September 23, 2020
    Five questions to ask in-home care providers

    There comes a time when your seniors will need assistance with their everyday life. Baths could start to get challenging to accomplish on their own. Remembering when and what medications to take can become almost impossible. When this occurs, it is time to find in-home care. 

    In-home care allows seniors to remain at home and still receive the personal care they need. Before you start searching for in home senior care near me, do your research and ask providers these five questions. 

    What is the cost of your services?

    It is common for seniors and family members to believe that they do not have financial needs to pay for senior care. Assisted living facilities tend to be more expensive than home care services. The reason home care services cost less is because it is charged per hour rather than per day. 

    That means that seniors can choose how many hours and days per week they need the services. This tends to be less expensive than other services. Plus, most in-home care services can be covered by Medicaid if facilities are Medicaid certified. Do not be afraid to ask if they are Medicaid certified. 

    Do you provide transportation services?

    As seniors start to get older, they could lose their ability to drive. Driving at an older age can be dangerous because it can lead to accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that being in a car crash increases when drivers are 70 and older

    If a senior is no longer able to drive, ask if the home care agency provides transportation. You can be reassured that your loved one will not miss their doctor appointments and have plenty of food to stock their pantries. 

    What are your qualifications?

    The safety of your senior loved one is the most important thing. When searching for in home senior care near me, you must research and ask for the facility’s qualifications.  Ask if they are state licensed by the state. In most states, home care agencies are required to be licensed and reviewed regularly. Do not forget to ask if they meet Medicaid or Medicare’s requirements. 

    Are there staff members who speak more than one language? 

    There are hundreds of languages spoken in the United States. Although many people know how to speak English, some might feel more comfortable speaking in their native tongue, especially senior citizens. 

    Often, families and seniors might not get in-home care because they believe seniors will not efficiently communicate with caregivers. That is not the case with all home care facilities. Ask home care agencies if they have staff who are multilingual. For example, at Akkase Home Health Care, we have a multilingual staff who speak:

    •  English

    • Spanish

    • Karen

    • Russian

    • Arabic

    • Nepali

    • Somali

    • Sudanese

    • Neur 

    • Burmese. 

    What services do you provide?

    Not all home care providers are the same. Some only provide certain hours and services. That is why you must ask beforehand what services they provide. Doing so ensures that a senior will receive the personal care that they need. 

    Some examples of home care services include: 

    • Personal care services 

      • Grooming and hygiene

      • Mobility assistance

      • Transferring and positioning

      • Toileting and incontinence care

      • Nutrition

    • In-home companionship and care services

      • Companionship

      • Meal preparation 

      • Grocery shopping

      • Light housekeeping and laundry

      • Transportation 

      • Medication reminders

    Choose the best in home senior near me

    Akkase Home Health Care provides in-home senior care services in the Omaha and Lincoln, Neb. area. We are licensed by the state of Nebraska and Medicaid certified. Plus, seniors and families can choose from our wide range of services. Schedule your consultation today!