Caring for dementia patients at home

  • August 21, 2019
    Caring for dementia patients at home

    Caring for dementia patients at home may be daunting, but not that challenging if you have the right knowledge. Dementia consists of a broad range of symptoms associated with a decrease in cognitive abilities and memory.

    Signs your loved one has dementia. 

    If you are unsure if they are beginning to get dementia, here a few things to keep your eye out for. One, they got lost and forgot their way home. Also, multi-tasking is a challenge, if they are having trouble following a recipe that they frequently used it could be a sign. Another sign is their morale, if they usually perk up when you walk through the door and now they look depressed this might be something you want to bring to a Doctor’s attention when getting a diagnosis. 

    Once diagnosed, the symptoms are so severe that they affect a person's ability to perform everyday tasks. You need to educate yourself about dementia to help choose the best home healthcare agencies Omaha NE

    Here are some guidelines when caring for a dementia patient.


    Ask others for help

    Never be afraid to ask for help when caring for your loved ones. Juggling your work, school and family life can become overwhelming and affecting your ability to provide quality care. You can ask for support from family members, friends, or one of the best home healthcare agencies Omaha NE.

    Akkase Home Healthcare has professional caregivers who can help your senior member bathe, eat and groom at home. Our goal is to assist you with personal care routines so you can feel and look your best.

    Be patient

    It is common for dementia to cause personality changes in seniors. They become more agitated, moody, anxious and difficult to talk to. Hallucinations can also occur where a senior believes that family members are plotting against them.

    You need to exercise patience and empathize with your loved ones to succeed as a caregiver. Try and understand their behaviors and why they are acting out. Maintaining a positive attitude helps you navigate through surprising encounters.

    Be realistic

    Home care for an elderly individual with dementia has its ups and downs. Since dementia is a progressive disease, a patient has their good and bad days. Don't try to  force good moments during bad days. Instead, ensure your loved one is as comfortable, safe and happy as possible.

    Hire us

    Dementia is irreversible, and with time, it gets worse, making long-term care paramount. We’re one of the best home healthcare agencies Omaha NE that provides long-term in-home care for elderly individuals with dementia. Our caregivers are a friendly companion, thus, keeping your loved ones engaged while you are away. 

    At Akkase, our in-home care can help your parent or elderly loved one. We will help them get around their house, from getting out of bed or the shower to walking them down stairs. This helps reduce the chance of injury. It’s common that they forget to eat, but with in-home-care their meals will be cooked and scheduled for them! Keep in mind, the “simple” tasks we do everyday, such as using the bathroom can be a challenge for your elderly loved one! With all the challenges they face, look into in-home-care

    Our goal is to improve the quality of life in seniors and lower the chances of depression. Contact us today for more information about our home care services.



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