A Senior Friendly Thanksgiving

  • November 06, 2019
    A Senior Friendly Thanksgiving

    With the start of November comes the preparation and planning for one of the most family-filled holidays, Thanksgiving. It’s a time where the whole family gathers together and shares what they’re thankful for this year. As jolly as this might sound, not everyone is included. Most often, elderly family members are left out of this celebration.

    Seniors might be left out of festivities because of lack of transportation or lack of close loved ones. When you start to plan your Thanksgiving dinner use these tips from home care Omaha NE caregivers to make your Thanksgiving dinner senior-friendly.  

    Put thought into the meal

    When do you think about a Thanksgiving meal, what comes to your mind? A turkey, ham or casseroles? Those are all tasty options for you or other family members, but it might not be for the elders. 

    As your parents or relatives get older, they might not be able to eat harder or chewier meals. You want to make an alternative meal options that are easy to chew. Some seniors might have health conditions that restrict their diet. Ask ahead and make healthy options like baked sweet potatoes or low-calorie green bean casseroles. 

    Make the rooms accessible

    With a house filled with family members, cousins and in-laws, any home can get a little chaotic. Too many chairs and misplaced rugs can be a tripping hazard for parents or elderly family members. Before you have guests over, you want to reorganize your home to make them accessible. 

    For the indoors, you want to create a walk space for everyone to walk by, including seniors. Move coffee tables and chairs to the side to make walking space or for wheelchairs. Another smart solution is adding enough lightening by staircases. You don’t want someone tripping and falling down the stairs. 

    Provide them transportation 

    Your senior could be living home alone and requires assistance from a home care Omaha NE caregiver to provide them with transportation from one location to another. When you start to plan for your Thanksgiving dinner, you want to call them and offer them transportation. 

    If they live out of state, you could travel a day prior to the celebration and have them stay over. Or, you pick them up a few hours before the gathering. By having them there earlier, they can feel included in the celebration by helping prepare dinner or just having time to catch up. 

    Take into consideration medication

    As your parents or older relatives get older, they could start to develop illnesses or health conditions that require them to take medications. When you begin to plan your gathering, be sure to remember when your elder might need to take medication. 

    When you invite your elderly relative, ask them if they are required to take any medication. If they do, set a reminder on your phone during the event to remind them. Seniors might forget about taking it if they are caught up in the festivities. 

    During the holiday seasons, it can be a little lonelier and harder for seniors to live alone. Hiring an in home care Omaha NE caregiver can help them feel less isolated and to where they need to during the cold and snowy season. Contact us set up your consultation to learn more about our personal home care service. 



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