5 signs your loved one needs in-home care

  • May 29, 2019
    5 signs your loved one needs in-home care

    Aging is a natural thing. Sometimes, however, a loved one or yourself will start to have difficulties doing the everyday things you were able to do. From taking showers to getting groceries, these are all things that can begin to be difficult for an aging person. Luckily there are home health care Omaha experts like Akkase that can lend a helping hand. If you are unsure whether you or a loved one needs assistance, check out these warning signs.


    Their home is messy.

    Do you find yourself stepping on your loved ones’ shoes or garage when go visit? If you said yes, it could be a sign they need assistance. As your loved one gets older, maintaining their home can start to be too difficult for them. Some in-home care services provide housekeeping. A caregiver can come in weekly or daily to keep their house clean. It saves you time and worry.


    They can’t keep up with paying bills.

    If you can never seem to reach your elderly loved one because their phone or internet  has been disconnected, that could be a red flag. Your elderly loved ones can forget phones and home utility bills. Keep them from living without the basics by getting a caretaker to help remind them to pay their bills on time. Home health care Omaha experts will even go and pay their bills for them.


    They struggle with bathing.

    Bathing and showering can become a hassle for older adults. As you get older, climbing in and out of a bathtub can be dangerous. Researchers state that by not having assistance when bathing, they could be at high risk of falling. The last thing you want is for a loved one to get injured while showering and not have someone around to help them. Having a caregiver there will help prevent this from happening.


    They need assistance cooking.

    Have you asked your elderly loved one what they had for dinner last night? If they cannot answer you or you notice they have spoiled food, it is time to get them assistance. Spoiled foods or food not being touched is a sign that they cannot feed themselves. They might forget to make themselves dinner or not be able to go to the grocery store. A home health care Omaha caregiver can help with preparing meals, feeding and even going out to getting them groceries.


    They have health issues.

    If your loved one recently got an illness or is recovering from a surgery, you should try to get them assistance. You probably cannot be by their side 24/7, but you can have someone give them a helping hand. In-home personal care can help by giving them their medications, helping them move around or even help feed them. Whatever the illness or health condition, a caregiver can save them and your time.


    Do not let your grandparents or parents live without home health care Omaha. Call Akkase Home Health Care to help them live a healthy and comfortable life in their home.



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