5 Reasons to Choose In-Home Care for Seniors

  • April 15, 2020
    5 Reasons to Choose In-Home Care for Seniors

    There comes a time when an aging parent can no longer take care of themselves anymore. They might not be able to drive to their appointments, pick up groceries or prescriptions. Or perhaps they can no longer bathe without assistance. 

    When these things start to occur, it is time to think about senior care options. The home care in Omaha caregivers wants to share with you the advantages of home care for the elderly


    Seniors sometimes have a fear of losing their independence. They tend to believe that if they get senior care, it will strip them of their freedom. That is why many seniors resist getting the help they need. 

    Contradictory to belief in-home care does not take away their freedom. This kind of senior care allows them to continue their daily schedules and do what they want to on their time. A caregiver will only be available to help at specific times of the day. 

    Personal care 

    Nobody is the same or requires the same assistance. Seniors need specific needs depending on their health, mobility or illnesses. An in-home caregiver takes that into account by providing personal care for every senior. 

    You and your aging loved one can let a caregiver know of the specific type of needs. Most in-home care providers provide personal care, like hygiene and moving needs, or companionship care that includes grocery shopping or home maintenance. 


    Senior care can start to add up quickly. For some families, it can also be a financial burden. Residential senior care facilities can be expensive and charge up to $550 per day

    In contrast, in-home senior care is much more affordable for a family. In-home care is priced by the hour. It can be a smarter choice for seniors who do not require constant attention and only need it at specific times. 


    When you have a senior who is living at home alone, it can be difficult for them to stay social. You or your family members might have the time to see them regularly. If a senior does not have healthy interactions, it could lead them to feel lonely or getting depression. 

    In-home care is a great option to help your senior loved one to stay sociable. A caregiver can provide companionship throughout their day as they do housework, run errands or go to a doctor’s appointment.

    Individual care 

    One of the advantages of home care for the elderly is that they will get one-on-one care. A caregiver will give them the individual attention to meet their needs. Unlike in senior facilities, they would have to wait for their turn. 

    Individual care will make sure a senior is safe while completing any activity. This will give you peace of mind that your loved one will not fall or get injured. Plus, individual care can help them establish long lasting relationships. 

    Help your senior loved one remain independent and get the care they need by choosing the best home care in Omaha. Contact Akkase Home Health Care to schedule a consultation