Updated: 5 activities for seniors with limited mobility

  • July 22, 2020
    Updated: 5 activities for seniors with limited mobility

    For many seniors, remaining independent and aging in their homes is very important for them. Seniors want to retain their normal lifestyles and freedom as much as possible. That is why many elders choose home care Omaha NE professionals. 

    However, some seniors struggle with limited mobility due to an injury or illness. This can be a hard transition for those who were once active and had hobbies outside their home. 

    How limited mobility affects seniors 

    Having limited mobility does not just affect a person’s health but also their mental health. Seniors with limited mobility can feel depressed and isolated. These feelings can start to take a toll on a senior’s health. 

    Home care Omaha NE experts suggest that seniors get a hobby that helps them stay active and motivated. Studies show that having a hobby that stimulates the brain can reduce the risk of developing dementia. That is why it is so important for seniors to start doing some activities. 

    Encourage seniors to try these activities


    With lightweight smartphones and inexpensive digital camera options, seniors can sit comfortably on a patio or in a yard and take in the lovely nature around them. They can try out the zoom on their camera to find unique views of plants, insects, birds and more. It is fun to take interesting photos and then share them with others or make a collage.

    Start reading 

    Whether it is 'old school' paper books, an e-reader device, or headphones and audio files, the entertainment value of a good book will never get old. Seniors can dive into old favorites or try a completely new genre or book series and escape to fascinating new worlds with great authors. Audiobooks are great options for seniors with visual impairments

    Try workouts  

    Unless mobility is severely limited, everyone can do some type of healthy movement activity. They can listen to soothing or upbeat music and move the way that feels invigorating, whether it is smooth yoga, repeated arm pumps or light dancing. If they must stay seated in a chair, a senior can loosen their shoulders and neck muscles with stretches and rotations.

    Board games 

    Activities for dementia patients with limited mobility also include board games. There are wonderful apps available for free or little cost that stimulate the brain and provide hours of entertainment. Find word-seek or crossword puzzles, math fun, picture-seek games and trivia challenges. There are also many paper books with great puzzles and games if good old fashioned pencils are preferred.


    Gardening is a great hobby for anyone, including seniors with limited mobility. There are ways that seniors can enjoy gardening without requiring too much movement. To make gardening more accessible, get raised beds to remove the need to get down. Cut the need for regular watering by using soaker hoses. 

    Need a home care Omaha NE professional?

    At Akkase Home Health Care, our professionals can assist seniors with limited mobility continue to live in the comfort of their homes. We offer services like mobility assistance, transferring and positioning or families and loved ones in Eastern Nebraska. Contact us to schedule a  consultation or for activities for dementia patients with limited mobility. 



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