5 activities for seniors with limited mobility

  • September 18, 2019
    5 activities for seniors with limited mobility

    Many people who opt for home care Omaha NE professionals have one or more health or mobility issues. Perhaps they used to be active or take part in more hobbies outside the home, and miss those activities.

    There are some excellent pastime options that they can take part in to keep up their spirits, attitude and mental acuity. In fact, now more than ever, there are numerous creative hobbies that can fill the day and delight for older citizens.

    Consider telling them about these five ideas


    Outdoor photography

    With lightweight smartphones and inexpensive digital camera options, seniors can sit comfortably on a patio or in a yard and take in the lovely nature around them. They can try out the zoom on their camera to  find unique views of plants, insects, birds and more. It is fun to take interesting photos and then share them with others or make a collage.

    Reading or audiobooks

    Whether it is 'old school' paper books, an e-reader device, or headphones and audio files, the entertainment value of a good book will never get old. Seniors can dive into old favorites or try a completely new genre or book series and escape to fascinating new worlds with great authors.

    Gentle exercise

    Unless mobility is severely limited, everyone can do some type of healthy movement activity. They can listen to soothing or upbeat music and move the way that feels invigorating, whether it is smooth yoga, repeated arm pumps, or light dancing. If they must stay seated in a chair, a senior can loosen their shoulders and neck muscles with stretches and rotations.

    Games and puzzles

    Do they have a PC or computer tablet? There are wonderful apps available for free or little cost that stimulate the brain and provide hours of entertainment. Find word-seek or crossword puzzle, math fun, picture-seek games, and trivia challenges. There are also many paper books with great puzzles and games if good old fashioned pencils are preferred.

    Charity work

    Nothing feels better than helping others. Seniors know this well. The golden years can make some people feel like they wish they could give back more. However, this is possible when a charity or community center has special needs that fit their hobby or capabilities. Ask around to find organizations with a wealth of volunteer opportunities. Some charities need envelope stuffers, require knitted items like blankets and hats, or care package assembly. Home-bound helpers can do these tasks in their own time and feel great knowing they helped those in need.

    Whatever activities a senior enjoyed in their younger years, there is likely a fun substitute for it with their new lifestyle. They can read, write, or creatively express their experiences from years past, or they can dive into a brand new hobby to rejuvenate their sense of awe and adventure. Everyone likes a challenge now and then, at every phase of life. Home care Omaha NE caregivers can help the elderly include positive hobbies and pastimes.

    Contact Akkase Home Health Care for more activity ideas, and for information about our dedicated home care Omaha NE services for families and loved ones in Eastern Nebraska.



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