4 Practical Tips to Protect Seniors From COVID-19

  • April 01, 2020
    4 Practical Tips to Protect Seniors From COVID-19

    To stop the spread of a contagious disease, like COVID-19, health officials have asked the public to self-isolate. It means individuals and families should stay at home for protection and only leave if necessary.

    Since seniors and people with severe underlying medical conditions are at higher risk of developing severe symptoms. It is advised for seniors to minimize their exposure by staying indoors.

    Our home health care Omaha experts are here to share some practical tips to protect your seniors from COVID-19. 

    Make sure seniors have food, water and medicine supplies

    One of the best ways to reduce the chances of a senior getting ill is by limiting their time outdoors. Nobody can stay indoors forever. Food and medicine supplies will eventually start to decline. 

    To protect seniors during this time, it is wise to have someone deliver these items for them. If you are unable or live out of state to get these things for a loved one, hire an in-home caregiver. Home health care Omaha experts can go out and do the grocery shopping for them and even get their prescriptions. 

    Disinfect a senior's home

    Even if an aging parent or family member doesn’t leave home, they should be disinfecting their home. The CDC stated that the COVID virus could transmit through high-touch surfaces. This novel coronavirus can even live on surfaces for hours to days. That is why it is so vital to disinfect a senior's home. 

    A senior, yourself or a caregiver should clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces areas like: 

    • Tables 

    • Hard-backed chairs 

    • Doorknobs 

    • Light switches

    • Remotes 

    • Handles 

    • Desks 

    • Toilets 

    • Sinks. 

    Remind a senior to wash their hands regularly

    Just like keeping a senior’s home clean is essential, so is their hygiene. Seniors should be reminded to wash their hands daily with soap and water for 20 seconds. They should use hand sanitizers when there is no soap or water available. Provide them with hand sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent alcohol. 

    It is also advised for individuals to avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth as much as possible. You want to make sure yourself, a senior or caregiver washes their hands: 

    • After sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose

    • Before cooking or eating any food 

    • After touching a pet

    • Before and after caring for another person. 

    Keep in contact with seniors

    Self-isolating can be lonely, especially if you live at home alone. If you have a senior loved one living at home alone, imagine how they might feel. You want to reduce the chances of them catching this virus. It is wise to reduce your physical interaction with them. 

    During uncertain times like these, it is essential to keep constant contact with loved ones. Take time out of your day to video chat with them. There are free video calling services like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts that can help stay in contact with loved ones. 

    We know the importance of keeping a senior safe and healthy is your priority. At Akkase Home Health Care, our home health care Omaha professionals can provide high-quality care and services. We offer personal care services and in-home companionship services to fit a senior's needs. Set up a consultation with us today!



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